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8 Important Tips for Investors to consider!


Are you confused about how to find a good property investment opportunity in London?  We are specialists in London property market and we are here to help you find the right property investment for you.


1) Properties are more desirable which are in close proximity to good schools, colleges and universities, transport links and green areas


2) Specific areas in London increase in value faster and sustain their value


3) Consider future and existing building developments, for example: Cross rail links, the Olympic Village and reconstruction of Battersea      Power Station have increased value of properties


4) Consider additional costs when investing in a property such as stamp duty, capital gains tax and legal costs


5) Instead of waiting for your property to increase in value naturally why not consider refurbishment or re-development to increase the size of the property


6) Three important things to consider when you make a property investment:

a) Pay attention to capital growth

b) Consider rental income

c) Identify when the right time to sell your property


7)Consider rental yilds when investing in buy to let. We can assist with the calculation of rental yields.


8)The advantages of buying a new build are:

-Greater energy efficient – lower utility bills

-NHBC warranty (2 years building insurance cover for internal and external defects, followed by eight years’ cover for external defects)

-The downside of new builds is that they can be overpriced so compare prices with already-sold properties in the area.





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